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using fillers in your programs bench press - Using Fillers In Your Programs: Bench Press

Using Fillers In Your Programs: Bench Press

Using Fillers In Your Programs: Bench Press

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I already wrote identical posts masking how I enforce fillers with deadlifts and squats, so it simplest is sensible to in the end apply swimsuit with one thing discussing the bench press.

Fillers For the Bench Press

As a brief refresher for the ones first tuning in: “Fillers” are low grade workouts that deal with a particular mobility or steadiness factor – loss of glute activation, tight hip flexors, deficient scapular upward rotation, as examples – which can be carried out all over relaxation sessions of a chief workout.

Fillers is also a easy stretch.

In brief the theory is do one thing productive all over your relaxation sessions – rather then stalk your ex on Instagram – that’s now not going to have an effect on or deter efficiency on next units of deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and the like.

Another manner to take a look at it’s this: I comprehend it, you comprehend it, your guardian’s mailman’s 2nd cousin’s godfather is aware of it, all of us comprehend it…

…you’re (most likely) going to skip your warm-up.

Fillers are the compromise.

Instead of giving folks a laundry listing of warm-up drills they’re now not going to do, I’ll sprinkle fillers in as PART OF THE PROGRAM.

(cue evil power trainer snigger right here).

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So in no explicit order right here’s a quick-n-dirty rundown of a few of my cross to fillers on bench day.

1. Rows

Okay, I’m dishonest a bit of bit right here.

I’m simplest talking for myself, however I to find rows are one thing most of the people can’t come with sufficient of in a program. Many folks are so overdeveloped and/or tight in our anterior chain – particularly pecs – that it’s now not unusual follow for me to pair a rowing variation with EVERY set (together with warm-ups) of bench press to lend a hand offset the imbalance

I don’t care if it’s a DB row, Seated Cable Row, Chest Supported Row, Seal Row, TRX Row, Face Pulls, or Band Pull-Apart…I would like some more or less row tethered to each and every set of the bench press.


And then I’ll come with 1-2 extra rowing diversifications later within the consultation too. The entire perception of a balanced way to program design – the place you try to come with a 1:1 (press:row) ratio – whilst noble and excellent position to begin, has a tendency to be a little underwhelming.

I’ll incessantly say it’s extra really useful to UN-BALANCE anyone’s program (to the music of 2-Three rowing diversifications for each and every press) to to raised “balance” them.”

So, as extra of an umbrella theme to imagine, simply staying cognizant of rowing quantity (and including extra of it into anyone’s program) goes to be leaps and limits simpler for long-term shoulder well being and coaching domination than the litany of correctives that may be substituted in.

2. Band Posture Corrector

This is a drill I stole from my excellent good friend and power trainer Jim “Smitty” Smith of Diesel Strength.


Sitting at a table all day, each day, will also be brutal.

The muscle tissue at the again facet (particularly, rhomboids) get lengthy and susceptible, whilst the muscle tissue at the entrance (particularly, pecs) get brief and overactive.

A excellent bench press calls for an even quantity of scapular retraction and despair to lend a hand offer protection to the shoulder joint and to supply a extra strong “surface” to press from.

This drill objectives the ones muscle tissue concerned.

Simply seize a band, loop it round your shoulders, and “reverse” the posture.

I love to accomplish 10-20 reps with a 1-2 2nd cling on each and every rep.

Three. Foam Roller Snow Angel

Likewise, the bench press additionally calls for a tight quantity of thoracic extension (which makes it more uncomplicated to retract and depress your shoulder blades).

The Foam Roller Snow Angel lets in for a couple of issues to fall in position:

  • A pleasing % stretch.
  • Nudges extra thoracic extension (by way of mendacity at the foam curler).


I love 10-12 reps right here.

four. Child’s Pose – off Med Ball


Pigging back down the above drill, this one additionally is helping to enhance thoracic extension along with strengthening the scapular stabilizers whilst you upload a static cling on the most sensible of each and every rep.

Adding the medication ball into the combo along side flexed hips assists in keeping the lumbar backbone out of the equation.

I love five, five seconds holds right here.

five. Bicep Curls


The fuck outta right here.

Did what you simply learn make your day? Ruin it? Either manner, you will have to percentage it with your mates and/or remark under.

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