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tip turn off the hip flexors to build abs - Tip: Turn Off the Hip Flexors to Build Abs

Tip: Turn Off the Hip Flexors to Build Abs

Tip: Turn Off the Hip Flexors to Build Abs

Finally Feel Your Abs

Most other people by no means totally contract their rectus abdominis. Instead, they are the use of their hip flexors all over ab flexion and crunches.

If you’ll do 30 crunches, your shape is off and your abs most likely are not operating very onerous. Those hip flexors are taking on and doing maximum of the paintings.

Don’t consider it? Try manipulating your muscle tissue to see how robust your abs in point of fact are. The function is to deactivate the hip flexors. We can do this by means of activating the hamstrings. (This is identical to the Janda sit-up popularized by means of Pavel.)

How to Do It

Tie a medium or heavy band round one thing safe. Then arrange for any crunch workout however have the band pull on the again of your ankles. The band must have ok rigidity and also you must really feel slight hamstring activation. This will ensure that your hip flexors flip off.

Now do as many reps as you’ll specializing in flexing your lumbar backbone and squeezing your abs as onerous as conceivable. Aim to get as top as conceivable with out neck involvement, handiest abs. As you decrease your self proceed to squeeze the abs till you succeed in the backside of the rep.

If you do that as it should be, you will not be able to do too many reps as a result of your abs are lifting your body weight on their very own. Here are 3 permutations you’ll take a look at:

1 – Hamstring Activated Crunch

This one is the most elementary with the best possible arrange. It has the least vary of movement, however you’ll be able to get numerous ab stimulation.

2 – Hamstring Activated Swiss Ball Crunch

This one is extra complex and lets in for better vary of movement, plus it throws in some balance paintings.

Three – Hamstring Activated Weighted Crunch

If you wish to have to in point of fact problem your self, upload a plate or a dumbbell. This is a good way to get a large number of ab stimulation in a brief period of time.


After your first set, you’ll be able to most likely understand your abs are not as robust as you idea. Do any of those permutations for 1-Three units in keeping with exercise. After a couple of weeks, upload 1-2 extra units or use a more potent band to additional deactivate the hip flexors and reinforce the mind-muscle connection in the abs.

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