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Background: 5' 11" male 190 lbs and 28 years old. I started lifting about a year ago with an approximate two month hiatus after six months when we had a baby boy. I'm currently just about back where I was before that numbers-wise except my deadlift is better. I'm running 5/3/1 with 5X5 FSL as described in 5/3/1 for beginners, and at some point I started giving the accessory work more of a conditioning focus (e. g. last time I did squat and bench, and then I did 5X5 leg press + 20s plank top of the minute then 5X10 incline bench press + jumping jacks top of the minute for a total of 10 minutes) and I've been working out every two or three days, and recently started playing pickup ultimate on some off-days (not more than once a week). I've been sleeping usually 7-8+ hours a night (though sometimes with interruptions), but I find myself feeling pretty worn out physically and really really sleepy in the evenings. My training maxes right now (in lb) are 218 for squat, 174 for bench, 210 for deadlift, and 114 for overhead press. What should I change if I want to be less wiped out without delaying my progress too much? I'm not even 100% it's the exercise, as baby keeps changing things constantly as well. Makes science hard.

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