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im back amp my tips - I’M BACK & My Tips.

I’M BACK & My Tips.

I’M BACK & My Tips.

6 miles happened yesterday and I was pretty thrilled about that.
 Brooke asked to join me for the last few minutes so that was the
absolute best too.  She starts cross-country tomorrow.  I cannot
wait to see how she does and if she loves it or not!

LRG DSC09926

I had someone ask for tips yesterday on running with their
little ones and I really have no idea what I’m doing but I’ll
share what works for us so far… I do exactly what Brooke wants to
do.  I don’t force anything.  If she wants to walk for the
majority of the time, great.  If she wants to go really fast and
then walk for any incline, perfect.  I do not want to force her in
the slightest, I want her to do what makes her feel happy whether
that is .05 miles or .4 miles.  During our runs I do give her
little mental tricks that I love for running and life.  I tell her
about how our thinking (I can vs I can’t) is what takes us to our
goals in life or away from them.  I talk to her about thinking
about things that make her happy (gratitude) when things feel hard
etc.  Who knows if she will like cross country (they do very short
distances for her age) and want to continue with it or never want
to run again or maybe she’ll wait to run until she is an

Whatever she wants to do, I’ll be clapping.

LRG DSC09972

6 miles @ 8:29 pace.  I listened to this
(it was so so good) during my run and for my stretching
afterwards.  My body is recovering great from the ultra but I need
to really be on top of stretching to make sure I stay injury free
through all this.  I still feel more tired than usual so I need to
make sure to really get in some good sleep this week too.

IMG 1359

Lately I’ve been having smoothies after workouts but these
were a fun change.

IMG 1360

We spent a lot of the day watching conference (it is on today
too here) which was
amazing and after watching I’m inspired to work on some things in
my life big time and spend way more time serving others.

Somehow we were able to keep the kids entertained the entire
time we were watching too.

IMG 1490

After the first session of conference ended we made some
sandwiches for lunch and then rode our bikes to an ice cream

IMG 1498

S’mores ice cream in a cake cone for life.

IMG 1499

We then hit up our trampoline for an intense game of dodge

IMG 1500

Followed by more conference while Skye napped.  I love to take
notes to help me to pay attention to things.  Brooke saw my
notepad and brought over one for herself too:)

IMG 1509

Andrew has canker sores all over his mouth from stress.  This
last week he was very stressed out but now that everything is over,
the canker sores will hopefully peace out.

IMG 1511

We had coupons which meant free food which makes it taste even
better.  Skye stole all of the mangoes from my salad.

IMG 1513

And then it started drizzling a little bit so Skye was happy to
sport Andrew’s coat.

IMG 1518

It’s so crazy to me to see her walking all over now.

IMG 1529

The kids made a license plate for Skye!

IMG 1533

Did you see the
Boston Launch 6
from Brooks?  They are beautiful!

IMG 1358


Sugar cone, cake cone or cup?

What do you have going on today?

Anyone else get canker sores from stress?

Anyone run with their kids?  What are your

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