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how not to run 25 miles our new business model health running - How Not to Run 25 Miles, Our New Business Model & Health > Running.

How Not to Run 25 Miles, Our New Business Model & Health > Running.

How Not to Run 25 Miles, Our New Business Model & Health > Running.

25 miles achieved the day prior to this and 14 to do these days.

(Andrew discovered me at mile 21 so a photograph shoot used to be important)

IMG 2801

I awoke at about four:30, ate my breakfast and drove over to meet my pals.  It used to be windy, snowing very arduous and freezing however the ladies and I had a blast speaking and sharing tales with every different.  Two of my pals left at 12 miles after which Josse and I went out for any other three miles.  At 15 miles I stated good-bye to Josse and were given in my automobile for a couple of mins to dry off a little bit, consume and get in a position to pass out once more.  At that time it wasn’t snowing anymore however nonetheless lovely windy and chilly.

My mistake—> the one time I fueled all the way through the run used to be at 15 miles.  I must have began method faster than that however I wasn’t interested by gasoline a lot as a result of outdoor of our dialog I used to be simply attempting to watch each step so I wouldn’t fall.  Anytime I did take into consideration gasoline within the first 15 miles I used to be apprehensive about taking my gloves off to get my gasoline as a result of each time I’ve achieved that previously all the way through a typhoon my fingers have frozen for the remainder of the best way when I took them out in their heat cocoon.

Long tale brief, my fueling and hydration had been terrible which in flip made the ones ultimate five miles really feel like a loss of life march.  The complete run used to be on a couple of inches of clean snow too which felt a little bit like working on sand however I’m positive that made my legs more potent.

First 15 fabulous, subsequent five now not so unhealthy, ultimate five now not my favourite (however I used my mother’s tip to smile when it harm and that did lend a hand) and involved in taking one mile at a time.

IMG 6215

Episode 12 and a part of episode 13 of Cold were given me via the ones miles.  WHAT DID I DO BEFORE PODCASTS?

IMG 6218

Annie informed me that I gained ‘extra grit points in the bank for race day’ and I totally agree.  When the going will get difficult I’ll simply suppose again to this run and the way I finished it!

I will be able to say that once I completed this run I felt discourage as it used to be so arduous that I couldn’t consider taking any other step (let by myself any other 25 miles) BUT I’ve to take away the ones ideas from my mind as a result of the ones received’t get me anyplace.

I would like to consider the learning and that those again to again lengthy runs are going to take me to 50.  I would like to needless to say my fueling mistake made an enormous distinction in how I felt and that I will be able to now not permit that to occur once more.  Hopefully there received’t be a snow fall on race day for us to run in as a result of I’m positive that made this run really feel so much tougher than 25 miles on a non-blizzard day but when there’s one, I’m ready now:)


PS I forgot to get started my Garmin once more after a prevent gentle for approximately .25 miles however I had to get to 25 miles on my wait for it to depend in my mind ha.

1300 feet of hiking.

IMG 6217

Josse and I are going into trade together with her thought of ways to get via winters as runners and swimmers right here:

Screen Shot 2019 02 05 at 2 48 52 PM

I informed Andrew once I completed and that I used to be about to pressure house.  When I were given house he had simply grew to become at the bathe for me so it will be heat once I were given in along side sizzling chocolate and a protein bar.  He wins.  He additionally made me eggs with veggies and toast to consume after my bathe.

IMG 6219

The snow regarded prettier when I used to be inside of and heat;)

IMG 6274

Skye helped me with my lively restoration.

IMG 2814

But she did sign up for me at the sofa for a couple of mins too.  Running 25 miles within the morning = you’ll be able to put on the very same outfit for the 2d day in a row.  And my OOFOS, the ones are important on long term days.

IMG 6283

I’m virtually embarrassed about this however I forgot it used to be National Froyo Day till a chum despatched me a textual content the day prior to this.  We opted for no line at TCBY reasonably than Yogurtland this 12 months and it used to be scrumptious and really unfastened:)

IMG 6327

Lots of convalescing.

IMG 6332

We made burgers and a lot of candy potato fries for dinner.

IMG 6334

IMG 6339

IMG 6340

PS I had a reader excited by me now not consuming sufficient for my foods/snacks for what number of miles I’m working (PPS I submit about 20% of what I consume).  Rest confident, I’m being very cautious about this.  I weigh myself as soon as every week to ensure that I’m now not losing weight as a result of I’m so lively. I’m at an overly wholesome weight with a normal cycle.  I’ve received weight since my October marathon (those hills are build up my legs, increase) and soaring proper round there.  If I misplaced my length or dropped weight, I’d be out of this extremely coaching…

well being > working.


My favourite science mission that has ever been achieved is underneath.  My nephew is in reality into working and loopy rapid for his age.  He did an experiment on meals and the way it results his working:).

From my sis-in-law:  “He did a science fair experiment where he ran 8 different days (actually 9 if you count the control day) and ate 4 different menus repeated twice.  He ran the fastest on the days he ate a well balanced menu.  On the junk food days, which he did last on purpose so it wouldn’t throw off the results, he drank pop, ate chips, donuts, candy, ding dongs, Twinkies, etc and he ran the slowest by far.  His second fastest running days were his primarily carb days and his 2nd slowest days were his primary protein days.  He made a list of all of his specific menus and compiled a list of his times.”

Isn’t that cool?!?!

IMG 6703 2


Does your day-to-day vitamin come with numerous protein?  Do you realize a large distinction on your runs in line with what number of carbs you consume?  What about such things as soda or junk meals do the ones impact your working so much or slightly bit?

Do you might have any in reality nice indoor amenities for working/swimming?  Indoor tracks which might be larger than 2938 instances round for a mile?

-The BYU Track is if truth be told handiest five instances round for a mile however we nonetheless finally end up a little bit dizzy when working on it.

Do you take into accout what you probably did in your science mission in fundamental college?

-I created a maze for my puppy hamster however I don’t take into accout the rest about it.

What used to be the ultimate mistake that you just made along with your working?

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