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high bmi high bp and newly single fitness - high BMI, high BP, and newly single : Fitness

high BMI, high BP, and newly single : Fitness

high BMI, high BP, and newly single : Fitness

Hello everybody!

I won a host of weight in the previous few years and just lately my physician mentioned I used to be medically overweight and had borderline high blood power. Fiancée of five+ years all of a sudden left me and moved out a pair weeks in the past, so I’ve some spare time. Instead of consuming whiskey on my sofa, let’s see if I will get more healthy thru nutrition and workout as a substitute. Perhaps you all can lend a hand me out. Below are my stats, photos, coaching plan, and diet. I even have a couple questions. Feel loose to remark or critique.

My purpose is to get to a wholesome weight I will get started blank bulking from (most likely 10 -12% frame fats) within the subsequent 4 months (21 weeks). I do know this received’t vital be simple. I need to make this an entire life way of life exchange.

Stats (lbs, inches, toes)

Current pics (NSFWish, in boxers): https://imgur.com/a/odYKCuH

Height 6 toes, 29 years outdated, SW 220, CW ~208 (in morning, five kilos heavier at night time), GW possibly 175-180??, waist at navel ~39

I began taking creatine a pair weeks in the past and I feel I won ~five kilos of water weight. I’m a bench scientist and spend numerous time on toes within the lab.

Played sports activities in high faculty and rugby in faculty. Worked out on and off, however by no means too desirous about it and didn’t pay very a lot consideration to my diet. Ran a number of part marathons within the final a number of years.

Training program:

M,W,F 3X5 SL + pullups and bicep curls, 20-30 minute incline treadmill

T,Th ab wheel, 20-35 minute very gentle aerobic (center price zone 2, mainly gentle jog and even strolling)

Sat ab wheel, 45-1 hour very gentle aerobic (center price zone 2)

Sun leisure

My lifting numbers for 3×5 (aside from deadlift which is 1×5) is as follows:

Squat 245 (ass to grass), DL 305, bench 185, overhead press 115, rows 155

I’m nonetheless getting more potent, however progressing so much slower than sooner than. I will simplest in reality building up weight each different exercise. Sometimes if I push squats too onerous, I will’t get well for the following consultation and wish to skip it or do very gentle weight. Please word that I need to do aerobic for cardiovascular advantages, despite the fact that it isn’t vital for weight reduction.


1850 energy. This is ~1000 kcal deficit. Usually I speedy till ~1 and then get started consuming. I am getting a minimum of 150 grams protein, and don’t monitor carbs or fats consumption. I take a look at to not consume easy carbs, and I’ve a couple of beverages as soon as every week (~three). I sooner than I might simplest drink on weekends, however would have slightly slightly. I do have a cheat meal now most certainly as soon as every week, however I attempt to no longer pass over upkeep if I do this.

I’ve been consuming a nutrition consisting of most commonly black beans, eggs, egg whites, salmon, lentils, Greek yogurt, pasta, whey protein, turkey breast, veggies, protein bars. So a ways this nutrition has been operating beautiful smartly. I’m really not excessively hungry and have power. I’ve been dropping ~2 kilos every week. I don’t rely energy burned all over aerobic, aside from I will be able to have a couple of additional hundred kcal on Saturdays after my long term.


What frame fats share and quantity of weight reduction do I would like? From having a look at photos I feel I’m between 23-28%, however I in reality don’t know. Can any individual give me some estimates from my photos? I indisputably have fats on my love handles and intestine. I’ve at all times weighed a bit greater than others, even if I used to be quite thin (or possibly I simply inform myself that). How a lot weight do I wish to lose?

I’m having some bother recuperating from squats. Should I simply development weight extra slowly, or must I take away squatting from my deadlift day? I may upload gentle entrance squats as a substitute.

Should I be counting energy burned from aerobic/lifting, or is okay to most commonly forget about as I’ve been? I do know normally other folks forget about, however I’m already at a quite huge deficit.

TL;DR seeking to shed weight and seeing if any individual has ideas referring to my manner…

Thanks such a lot for any individual who took the time to learn this!!!

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