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hands on switchlok sports phone case mount system - Hands-on: SwitchLok Sports Phone Case & Mount System

Hands-on: SwitchLok Sports Phone Case & Mount System

Hands-on: SwitchLok Sports Phone Case & Mount System


It’s humorous how I’m all the time in search of a just right motorcycle telephone mount gadget, regardless of hardly ever the usage of a telephone as a head unit on my street motorcycle. Instead, I’m simpler in my telephone and motorcycle courting: It’s totally on my town motorcycle. Yet on the similar time, each time I am going out on a street/mountain motorcycle I’ve were given my telephone in my again pocket. It’s all the time there.

And in some ways, that courting is reflected whilst working. I nearly by no means run with my telephone on my arm, but if I do (typically for some data-related check), I’m all the time inspired with how crappy the revel in is. Most telephone working armbands require you slide the telephone into an ill-fitting case with a crappy entrance plastic thingy that makes it much more tough to make use of your telephone – particularly on a wet day or with gloves.

With that context, rewind to a couple of yr in the past when the founder of SwitchLok met me at CES handy over a handful of storage made prototypes with a brand new telephone case and mounting gadget that’s made for sports activities. Armed with a pile of prototypes I in an instant went out and…neatly, it didn’t pass neatly.  But he stored cookin’ ahead and I met him once more, this time at CES 2019 in early January and were given the general near-production variants. And I’ve been the usage of it since with out factor.

As each myself and The Girl are ardent customers of the Quad Lock gadget, I used to be skeptical of any other quick-release case mount taste gadget designed for athletes. But this one if truth be told inspired me. Will I transfer over to it even though? Well, let’s dig into the nuances.

(Preemptive same old stuff: These are media loaner devices, they’ll return similar to the sooner prototypes did already. I don’t take any cash/and many others from any corporations I assessment/preview/take care of/mishandle/therapeutic massage/and many others…)

The Pieces:


SwitchLok is mainly a 4 section gadget:

1) The telephone case
2) A motorcycle mount
three) A working armband
four) A automotive dashboard mount

Starting off with the telephone case, they’re doing their Kickstarter in accordance with iPhones to begin with (iPhone 7, eight, X, XS, or XR), since that’s the place they get probably the most traction in relation to the choice of molds they’ve to make. They know they’ll get some hate for that, and need to see if they may be able to enhance some main choices like the newest Samsung gadgets, however even that’s difficult as a result of by the point other folks get this mount the most recent Samsung telephones, anticipated a couple of weeks from now, will lengthy be out.

DSC_6566DSC_6566 DSC_6564DSC_6564 DSC_6565DSC_6565

Surprisingly, the case can certainly fee wirelessly, will have to you will have that with you (I didn’t finally end up bringing a wi-fi charging mat with me on my contemporary travels sadly).

The case has a huge magnet constructed into the again. In reality, it’s been relatively humorous in that the co-working area I’ve been operating at the previous couple of weeks has steel tables. And the primary few occasions I laid my telephone down it snapped to the desk.  Ahh sure, that’s how magnets paintings.  In reality, right here’s it conserving my telephone via most effective part of the magnets or even then, most effective narrow bits of steel throughout the holey artsy espresso desk:


Next, there’s the automobile mount, which snaps into your air vents. It’s were given a pivot level as neatly to let you alter it reasonably left/proper/up/down:

DSC_6570DSC_6570 DSC_6569DSC_6569

Then there’s the armband. It has stretchy cloth with little non-stick dots on it, in order that it doesn’t slide round your arm any. It’s were given somewhat the period of strap on it, such that it is advisable most likely wrap it round your thigh in case you sought after to.

DSC_6572DSC_6572 DSC_6571DSC_6571

Finally, the motorcycle mount. This makes use of a hex screw which you rotate to tighten the entire thing onto your motorcycle. You can position it on both the handlebars or your motorcycle stem. Heck, it is advisable even put it for your higher top-tube in case you sought after (for instance, some mountain motorcycles would possibly not have a just right stem location for it).

DSC_6577DSC_6577 DSC_6573DSC_6573 DSC_6574DSC_6574

All 3 mounts have magnets in them as neatly, which guarantees that they make sturdy touch with the telephone case. The magnets are molded throughout the plastic.


I believe prior to we get to the hardcore checking out, the fewer hardcore bits is simply whether or not or no longer I set up to wreck my telephone in day after day droppage. I imply, it’s no longer like I got down to drop my telephone day-to-day – however it does appear to occur each as soon as in a ‘while’. And via ‘while’, I imply oddly regularly.  During the previous couple of weeks it’s came about multiple arms price, all on onerous surfaces (concrete, wooden flooring, and stone tile), and none of them led to me having to seek advice from the Apple Store (of which there’s none in Cape Town as I’ve found out).

Also, each my 1-year-old and 2-year-old daughters have pick-pocketed my telephone and dropped it slightly with none factor. So there’s that too.

Next, I assume a very easy one – the automobile mount. This simply works. We’ve completed some high-speed bumps, together with some off-road stuff, and the telephone simply stayed there:

DSC_5697DSC_5697 DSC_5695DSC_5695DSC_5694DSC_5694

Ok, subsequent, transferring up the record – working. Using the armband for durations on pavement hasn’t led to any lack of the unit.


You too can orient it sideways for your arm, within the tournament that’s by hook or by crook your factor:


I did attempt to dislodge it via affects. So I jumped off the highest of a park bench. Not precisely parkour, however just right sufficient to end up the purpose:

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hands on switchlok sports phone case mount system - Hands-on: SwitchLok Sports Phone Case & Mount System

Next – stepping it up – street biking. No problems street biking with it on my street motorcycle. I’ve positioned it at the stem as that’s my most well-liked location or even with the occasional pot-holes of Cape Town I haven’t misplaced it but.


As famous in different places, it’s without a doubt lovely cumbersome when a telephone isn’t hooked up in comparison to different mounts. But realistically if you connect the telephone it’s no other from a top-down viewpoint than the Quad Lock scenario (wider after all):


However, I if truth be told kinda love it extra as an indoor teacher mount than anything:


The something that’s to hand in regards to the motorcycle mount is that I will place the telephone each horizontal and vertical:


Next up – mountain cycling. In this example I used it the day past for a pile of checking out I used to be doing on any other merchandise repeating the similar monitor over and time and again at quicker and quicker paces together with a couple of drops.


Note that with this explicit mountain motorcycle the stem was once brief sufficient that I couldn’t mount it there. So I needed to mount it at the handlebars. I did a couple of drops and smallish jumps as neatly with out factor. But I’m hardly ever a professional in the case of off-road biking. In common my purpose in mountain cycling is to keep away from crashes, so physically endeavors that put that purpose in danger are typically have shyed away from. Including all varieties of acrobatics – intentional or in a different way.


So – what are one of the vital downsides?

Well, simply truly one: It’s a beast of a motorbike mount:


Seriously, it’s large. For me in my opinion, it’s simply too large to live to tell the tale my street motorcycle after I need it there for informal use.  Whereas I do infrequently go away the Quad Lock mount on my street motorcycle for massive stretches of time as it’s fairly small.

Now throughout this previous month or so I’ve nearly broadly been at the street travelling, so I used to be most effective house in Amsterdam a couple of days.  And satirically, it’s the ones motorcycles again house in Amsterdam that I’d like it be on.  For this motorcycle and my around-town motorcycle, I’d most likely select the SwitchLok gadget as a result of I’m regularly short of to take away my telephone temporarily to leap into a store and even simply grasp it to take pictures mid-ride.  While the Quad Lock is ok on my commuter motorcycle, at the shipment motorcycle the rotation if truth be told clunks into the tools indicator in addition to the principle integrated show. So it’s kinda wonky and thus the SwitchLok would without a doubt be higher there.  Maybe I’ll transfer when I am getting again in a couple of weeks.



The newest SwitchLok pre-production devices I used are lovely forged. I’ve had 0 mount problems and 0 case problems, and from an total case usability viewpoint – 0 problems there both. It all simply works. Right now in travelling for the previous month it’s been helpful having the automobile mount for my telephone – even though in most cases we don’t have a automotive in Amsterdam and thus I don’t have a lot use for that mount the remainder of the yr.  Still, the truth I will mainly use one mount connection level throughout all gadgets is liked.

Of path, those mounts/circumstances are relatively dear at $93-$105 for the case + two mounts. And SwitchLok is aware of that too – they see it as a top rate assortment this is designed to take a beating.  And I assume that’s truthful. There are quite a few inexpensive motorcycle, automotive, and armband answers available in the market – however none of them that I’ve poked at (except for Quad Lock) appear to check this degree of sturdiness.  Of path, that sturdiness on the subject of the motorcycle mount makes it a wee bit clunkier, even though that if truth be told raises it mainly the similar peak because the Quad Lock.

As all the time, this is a Kickstarter undertaking – even though I see this as a great low-risk one. Still, Kickstarter isn’t a shop, and the timelines are steadily extra Jello-like than concrete. Of path the convenience is that you simply generally get decreased pricing on Kickstarter to offset the danger of crowd-funded initiatives.

With that – thank you for studying!

Note: Their Kickstarter runs any other 30 days, however early-bird pricing ends the following day.

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